Below are snapshots of most of the screens within Gender Gap. Some of the final results screens have been intentionally omitted to not spoil the rank images for players. If you'd like to see these screens, you need to play the app and get high scores!

The Screens

Title Screen
This is the main title page for the app. When the app opens, the logo is not present. It is animated in shortly after for a nice visual effect.

Main Menu Screen
This is the main menu for the app. This screen allows the player to start a new game, continue a previous game, and reload the background salary data. It also contains links for the informational pages in the app: the terms page, about page, and how to page page.

Terms and Conditions Screen
This page displays the terms and conditions as required by the contest rules. Players cannot continue to load the data or play a game without agreeing to these terms. Once the terms are agreed to, the app records that in the internal database, so the player does not need to agree again.

About Screen
The about page gives some overall context to the app. It lets the player know about the equal pay app challenge that spawned the creating of this app.

Loading Screen
The loading page actually does all the downloading of salary data from the U.S. Department of Labor. A progress bar is provided with some context around the actual data being downloaded. Once the data is downloaded, the app automatically starts a new game.

Load Error Screen
This is the unable to download error page. You should never see this page, so it's included here so someone actually gets a chance to see it.

Play Screen
The main game play screen is where all the action takes place. The player is presented with a salary and they need to guess whether it is the average salary for a male or female.

Result Screen
The result page shows the player whether her selection on the play screen was correct. The salary data for men and women are shown, along with the calculated gap. This not only shows the player the correct answer, but also educates her on the salary gap for that particular profession.

Final Screen
This screen is one of four possible outcomes. A player is given a rank depending on how high her score was. This encourages the player to play again and try to get a higher rank next time.

Apple Review Status

Gender Gap has been approved by Apple! Click here to get the app from the App Store.

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